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Our Story

One thing is for sure, we never intended to have a company like everyone else. Specialty Food Solutions was founded with one goal in mind—to bring to the industry the best combination of service, quality and value. From the beginning, our mission has always been to offer a superior service for our customers and consistently provide quality protein products.


Specialty Food Solutions is a national leader in sales, marketing and the distribution of a variety of protein products with an emphasis on pork. We serve a variety of local, regional, national and international accounts among many others. We provide products and services to the foodservice, service retail and custom market segments. Specialty Food Solutions was founded in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina in 2008 and presently have our corporate office in Charleston, South Carolina with other affiliate processing operations in other strategic locations of the Eastern Unites States. 

We make it easy to get the best kind of protein you're looking for!
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Private Labeling and Co-Packing

We’re committed to helping you succeed with tailored solutions. We can help you grow your business by customizing products and packaging to meet your unique needs. In addition, we offer services that go beyond production and packaging. We can assist in building your brand through sales, marketing, distribution and consultation services from start to finish. We treat every private and co-branded product as if it was our own. We go through the processes and procedures to ensure product quality, integrity, and the most efficient way to get your products to market. Our level of involvement is up to you.

Our Story

A Variety of Supreme Services


                                            Quality does not simply refer to a nice pork chop. When we say quality, we mean you can expect a quality experience from inception of an idea to the follow through of our presentation. We don’t stop there, we pride ourselves in continuing a quality and professional on-going relationship which goes to the root of the culture at Specialty Food Solutions. We look at all opportunities as a journey that we take together.


We go beyond the norm to provide customers with the services and products they want with respect to their timeframe.  We insist on doing everything possible to assure quality at every level. We continuously look for better ways to raise, harvest and distribute protein products in a manner that not only preserves our environment, but also ensures a healthy future for our planet.


                                           Whether it’s sourcing a unique cut of meat or fulfilling a unique order, our team stops at nothing to ensure we can meet the needs of our customers. We tailor specifics relating to pack sizes, counts, breeds, ingredients and recipes along with other product requirements. We can custom fabricate pork, poultry and beef into nearly any RTC (ready-to- cook) or RTE (ready-to- eat) product.

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Our Services

What A Difference A Name Makes

When it comes to service we pride ourselves on being the best in our field. It starts with a commitment to our clients and doing more to help them succeed by finding solutions to their challenges in an ever-changing marketplace. We work closely with our clients to find them the perfect fit for their needs. We offer a variety of specialty food and protein products to a wide range of operators in the industry. Our extensive industry relationships, as well as our own USDA facility, makes it possible for us to effectively cater to a variety of unique customer requests and provide individualized consultation on many protein and specialty food products.


Our commitment to helping our partners optimize their market demands has allowed us to form long-term relationships and become a trusted leader in the industry.

Seven Springs Pastures

The Seven Springs Pastures Brand was formed to offer customers the highest quality protein products in the nation. We make the extra effort to assure Seven Springs Pastures delivers premium quality natural pork and proteins in every aspect of the business from breeding, raising and farm management, to customer-service, sales and distribution.


Our pork products are from Duroc sired heritage breed stock. Humane treatment and handling is of the utmost importance and is monitored at all levels. All livestock are raised and fed a nutritious, antibiotic free, vegetarian diet. Seven Springs Pastures hogs are raised and harvested in accordance with GAP1 protocols. They are never confined to crates or overcrowding, nor are they subject to antibiotic therapy in their vegetarian feed.

Premium / Humanely Raised / Antibiotic Free

Antibiotic Free Pork
Whole Roasting Pigs
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Cooper River Farm

All-natural means superior quality with Cooper River Farm. From selection to processing we take the extra steps to provide our clients with hand crafted products that are above the normal standards. Cooper River Farm products do not contain nitrites, nitrates, MSG, BHA or BHT or artificial colorings of any kind unless specifically required by a particular product blend. Our products are artisan crafted with pure ingredients. Cooper River Farm products are available for retail, foodservice and custom market segments. The Cooper River Farm line offers a wide variety of both RTC and RTE products.

All Natural / Artisan Crafted

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Premium Pork

Our Epico products are carefully selected and offer advantages such as value pricing on sometimes hard to find niche products. The Epico Foods brand was developed to provide highly-customized, quality proteins and specialty food products that may be hard to find, yet are affordably priced. Our line of products are made up of specialty food products ranging from ready to cook roasting pigs to portion controlled pork chops and cubed goat. This product line is geared toward the savory, ethnic and specialty markets including retail, foodservice and further processors. These products are also available as apart of our private label and co-branding program.

Frozen Specialty Products

Our Brands

Who We Serve

Although we support many different types and sizes of accounts, we work directly with our clients to meet their customer demands, help them stay ahead of their competition and be a leader in their field. It’s this type of consistent high-quality service that have allowed us to play an important role in the success of many companies, both large and small. Our list of clients includes companies which have remained with us for many years and have come to rely on our unique programs, reliable service and delivered promises.

Who we serve

Our Products Exceed the Standards

We believe buying quality pork and other proteins shouldn’t be a guessing game. Specialty Food Solutions is a leading provider of fresh and frozen products for the industry, including but not limited to retail, wholesale and foodservice customers.

Consumers are demanding pork and protein products that offer greater health benefits, strong animal welfare guidelines and more consideration of today’s environmental needs. Specialty Food Solutions brings to the industry a complete line of pork products that meet a range of price-points and consumer preferences. With a strong supply network and our USDA processing capabilities, we can deliver a more cost-efficient product in a timely manner. Our most in-demand products include chops, loins, a variety of dinner and breakfast sausages as well as a full line of ready to cook, whole roaster pigs. In addition, our development team can handle your private branding needs including: raw materials, labeling, and manufacturing to final product for distribution.

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